Event Winner Ueberson Duarte

Covered two Bulls for a total score of 171.50

2016 Season Pro Champion

Ueberson Duarte

Since the formation of the Midwest Bull Riders Association, LLC in 2013, we have been proud to offer a bull riding association that truly embraces the spirit of all bull riders by offering bull riding competitions for both veteran riders (Pro Division) and the new up-and-coming riders (Rookie Division), and by providing bulls to meet those skills for each group. 

We have consistently tried to demonstrate our deep passion for the sport of bull riding by giving back to the riders.  A rider should go where the money is and ride at the best events that will help him achieve their personal goals.  Riding bulls in any arena, regardless of the “association” sponsoring it, is the only way to accomplish this.

The reality is there are many bull riding associations for riders to choose from.  Not sure if there are more choices or less riders choosing to belong, but we have considered both in making the decision to no longer have the Midwest Bull Riders Association.

Effective immediately we will be refunding all 2018 memberships.  We will be returning the sanctioning money from the Verndale, MN event from this February to Ron Sundby, the producer of this event.  In the next few months we will deactivate the Midwest Bull Riders Association Facebook page and website.

We do want to be clear, the Midwest Bull Riders Association simply sponsored events – these events themselves are still being held as scheduled by the producers you have come to know.  If you have any questions please call.

We can confirm Great Frontier Bull Riding Company will continue to provide a Rookie Division at all of its events.  Please contact this producer directly or visit their Facebook page and website.

We thank you the rider for your dedication and commitment to the sport and for your support of the Midwest Bull Riders Association.   Go ride hard and ……………..UNLEASH THE FURY

Mission Statement

The Midwest Bull Riders Association is for bull riders, Pro rider or Rookie rider, regardless of where you hang your hat, this bull riders' association strives to bring you great bull riding events!    Long Live the Cowboy!

 2017 Season Finals will be held Friday June 15th in Motley, MN.  Callins for all Qualifiers will be Monday June 4th from 6 - 9 pm.  Call 320-226-0949.  Finals Pro Division $5,000 Added ;Entry Fee $100.  Rookie Division $500 Added; Entry Fee $70.  Buckle and Prize Package to 2017 Season Champions.  More Details to come!



2016 Season Rookie  Champion

 Josh Walters

some important rules:

*A Rookie Rider must enter the Rookie Division in at least 5 events, prior to and not including the finals, to qualify for yearend awards. You must have paid your fees and taken the out on your bull. No doctor's notes are permitted as an excuse for the draw-out or to not take the bull.
*The MBRA will recognize an EVENT winner at the finals.

Yearend Champions


Pro Champion

Ueberson Duarte

Rookie Champion

Josh Walters

Pro Champion

Ryan Schumacher

Rookie Champion

Laine Jensen


Pro Champion

Jake Weber

Rookie Champion

Trey Lundequam

Pro Champion
Rudy Borntrager
Rookie Champion
Sam Bell